Our History

We are an independent family run opticians with over 20 years of experience in optical and customer service and can help with services including sight tests, wide range of contact lenses, frames including designers and sunglasses.

The team of experienced staff remain committed to providing the same excellent independent, professional care and advice on eye health for the people of Warwick and its surrounding areas, that you have come to expect.

At Browetts Opticians we believe that every patient is individual and unique and have different visual requirements stemming from different lifestyles, occupations and interests. We offer a wide range of frames including designer brands and after taking your eye care needs into consideration, we can recommend specific optical lenses from an extensive range to suit your individual lifestyle and visual tasks.

Our goal at Browetts Opticians is simply to provide a professional, friendly and insightful service to help achieve the best possible optical solutions for you.

Eye Examination

At Browetts Opticians we would tailor the examination to your individual needs including supplementary test using gold standard equipment. We would refer you for further tests when needed.


We will walk you through the frame section ensuring they fit adequately is just the start. We want you to have the right lenses for your eyes and we will discuss your occupation, hobbies and other visual needs before deciding on the best lens to suit you. There is an extensive range of lenses available to fit any frame. We offer a wide range of frames for children and teenagers alike

Contact Lenses

Advances in contact lens technology now means that there is a contact lens suitable for the vast majority of vision needs regardless of age or prescription. Contact lenses bring far more flexibility and freedom compared to glasses. They move with your eye and the correction is closer to your eye giving you a more natural field of vision.

Eye Test for Children

Eye test for children are often different. We often use alternative charts especially designed to assess their vision which may include recognising shapes and pictures or letter matching. This ensures an accurate result even if the child is not able to read. We recommend that children should be tested regularly from the age of 4

Communication is important to us, we would endeavour to discuss the results of your examination with you and welcome any questions you may have